Birdokey: Unknown

   The Birdokey, also known as the Birdi Modog, is found in North America and Canada. The species was discovered by Canadian explorer Alfred Yolkey. The   Birdokey's fur coat enables it to survive artic temperatures. This rare species is never found in tropical forests or desert areas.

Above you see a picture of the Birdokey's ancestors. The Birdokey is a descendant of the wolf, the bird, and the monkey. Scientists believe it has the head of a bird, a body of a wolf/dog, and a tail of a monkey. This rare species has been sighted a few times, but has never been caught officailly. The lucky pictures that were taken were from a distance so scientists can only guess what they really look like. For pictures please see the sightings page.

   The Birdokey's diet consists of mostly insects and fruit, but it has been known to attack humans for food. 25% of their diet also includes of spiders. The fruit in their diet consists of: bananas, oranges, grapes, apples, and wild berries.

   Birdokeys usually lay 10-20 eggs per litter. It takes 2-3 years for females to mature and 3-4 years for males to mature. After birth the males become protective over the babies because the females will try to eat them if they get the chance. When born, the babies are only 2-4 inches long. They are naked with no tail. About 4 months after birth they will start to grow a tail. 

    Their main enemy is the donkey.  The donkey is capable of taking them down. Some minor enemies are horses/snakes. The Birdokey has also aquired humans as enemies and are becoming endangered because of it.